Puppy Club!

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Do you ever wish that your puppy wasn’t quite so much hard work?


Are you stressing about how your pup will cope when you go back to the office?


Looking forward to leaving the house without worrying about pup?


Are you feeling a bit fed up and frustrated about your puppy’s training?


Have you hoped that your puppy would “grow out of” their annoying habits?


Are you feeling a bit overwhelmed by having a puppy?

MeeraPuppins Puppy Club for ongoing training

I promise you’re not alone.

If you have found yourself:

Wishing there was someone that could support you, who knows what they are doing

Hoping to find a supportive and kind place where you can ask all of your puppy questions without feeling embarrassed or judged

Wondering if anyone else is going through the same puppy problems as you

Questioning if you’re doing things wrong, or blaming yourself for a lack of progress

Feeling unsure, worried or anxious about life with your puppy

You’re not alone
 and you don’t have to do this on your own.

Puppy Club is waiting to welcome you

With MeeraPuppins in your pocket, you can build a better relationship with your puppy.

Work with me and turn your puppy training problems into MeeraPuppins solutions

Happy Puppy Owners say:


Why did I join Puppy Club? Because puppies are confusing!!

I have had many dogs in the past but it has been a long while since I last had puppies in my life and it sometimes feels as if they are speaking a foreign language!

I recently had the pleasure of helping a neighbour care for her adolescent dog. We are both based in London and so we organised a couple of consultations over the phone with Meera.

Meera’s advice on how to deal with teenage dog behaviour, and her explanation for why he was behaving that way was very helpful and incredibly insightful.

The decision to join Meera’s Puppy Club was a no brainer when it was launched, especially since we now have two four month old puppies in our little pack!

We are really excited to be a part of the MeeraPuppins Puppy Community and to learn how to nurture our pups to adulthood responsibly, and have fun whilst doing it!”

Welcome to Puppy Club, where you can:

Get professional, yet personalised, answers to your puppy training questions

Understand what is happening to your puppy as they grow– why do they bite so much?! When does it stop?!

Learn why your puppy might not be listening to you – and how to get their attention

Discover how to exercise your puppy’s brain and capture puppy calmness (yes, really!)

Master the secrets of proper puppy socialisation rather than puppy parties in the park

Be part of a group of puppy owners who feel just like you do

Raising your puppy can feel stressful, overwhelming and downright confusing, with the internet telling you one thing, and friends and family telling you another.

With MeeraPuppins in your pocket, you can relax, knowing that you have the right kind of information (based on science, understanding, positive training) that you need, whenever you need it.

Your 6-month Puppy Club Membership will help you to raise the puppy you dreamed of. For less than the price of a fancy bottle of wine, at just £19.99 a month, get all the help you need with the peace of mind you deserve.

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Build a better relationship with your puppy
Puppy training Penwortham Longton New Longton Hutton Leyland Preston

Your monthly subscription includes:

green bone

Access to a private community where you can post your questions – under my careful supervision to ensure you are receiving excellent support, and no bad advice

green bone

Bite-sized pieces of puppy training and puppy socialisation information that are easy to digest, and even easier to download, and save on your phone, ready for those puppy-panic moments.

green bone

Recommendations on puppy products, including the best treats, toys and chews, that I know you and your puppy will love.

green bone

Invitations to puppy socials and in-person events.

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A steady stream of helpful hints to help your puppy enjoy being handled and groomed. Seasonal support and advice when it’s dreaded fireworks season.

green bone

What to watch out for as puppy grows – fear periods, anxiety, sensitivity and separation issues.

How do I sign up?

Click the button below to sign up to a monthly direct debit, at just £19.99 a month
When you have completed your Puppy Club application (it only takes a few minutes) you should be automatically redirected to the private Puppy Club Facebook group. Simply request to join, and I’ll be delighted to open the Puppy Club doors to you and your pup.


What are the benefits of joining?

Well, all of the above!

I would say that the main benefit of Puppy Club is that you don’t have to raise your puppy alone, worrying if you’re doing the right thing, wondering why your puppy engages in certain behaviours, or how you can stop puppy from doing things that are stressing you out.

When you join Puppy Club, you’re part of a wonderful and supportive group of fellow puppy-owners who will likely be going through the same things as you, and you’ll all be guided by me!

How much is it?

£19.99 a month, payable via direct debit.

Please click the Sign Up to Puppy Club button to join – it only takes a few minutes.

Why is it a 6 month membership?

6 months might seem like a long time, but in your puppy’s world, it is a crucial period for growth and development – and also where lots of behaviour issues start to appear.

From the onset of teenagerdom, to getting distracted by dogs when out on walks, to iffy recall, the onset of secondary fear periods and the influence of hormones, 6 months is a bit of a rollercoaster ride with lots of ups and downs.

I don’t want you to be sitting on your own, desperately clinging onto the edge of your seat, as your puppy’s weird and wonderful behaviours throw you off track, catch you off guard and take you on a scary ride that you want to slam the emergency stop button on.

What if I want to cancel my membership after 6 months?
I hope that you don’t decide to cancel after 6 months, but if you do, please let me know why you are leaving the Club, so I can continue to work hard and make improvements to Puppy Club.

To cancel your membership, please contact your bank to do this.

What if I want to stay for longer than 6 months?
You are very welcome to! At MeeraPuppins you can stay for as long as you like, and for as long as you need. I love building long-term relationships with my pups and their owners.

Also, puppies grow up far too quickly for my liking, so please do stay for as long as you want to.

I only want to book your 1-2-1 training packages, do I have to join Puppy Club to work with you?

In a word, no.

You can book my 1-2-1 training packages without having to join Puppy Club. However, I would strongly recommend joining Puppy Club because it means you can continue receiving support and guidance even after we have completed our training sessions.

You can chat to me if things are going a little bit pear-shaped, and you can book in for further training sessions if you need them – without having to start all over again, as we should be able to pick up from where we left off.

I would hope that you could see Puppy Club as an opportunity to be part of a lovely community of fellow puppy owners, as a supportive and welcoming space to celebrate and share your own puppy training journey, with me by your side.

Is there an age restriction on Puppy Club? for pups, not humans!

This is a great question!

I personally believe that puppyhood is more about behaviour than age.

Don’t get me wrong – I wouldn’t say that my 7 year old rescue greyhound was a puppy, but he had a lot of puppylike behaviours – including not being toilet trained, crying at night, not walking nicely on his lead and jumping up at people.

Puppy Club is inclusive, so as a general guideline, I would say that it’s suitable for puppers aged up to 18 months.

P.S. Yes you can teach an old dog new tricks, my Theo was proof of that!

How do I sign up?

Click the button below to sign up to a monthly direct debit, at just £19.99 a month.

When you have completed your Puppy Club application (it only takes a few minutes) you should be automatically redirected to the private Puppy Club Facebook group.

Simply request to join, and I’ll be delighted to open the Puppy Club doors to you and your pup.

MeeraPuppins Puppy Club for continuing training and help