Sheffield Puppy Training & Socialisation Group Walk

Endcliffe Park 615 Ecclesall Road, Sheffield

Do you live in Sheffield, have a puppy, and are looking for a fun and safe way to socialise your pup with other people and puppies? Cool! Socialisation has become a bit of a buzz word, and it's very easy to get it wrong. As Sheffield's puppy training and socialisation expert, I really believe that socialisation is not letting your puppy randomly up to other dogs, but it's about teaching them: - Appropriate greetings - it's not all bottom sniffs and tail wags! - Understanding their body language. - Knowing what to do on your end of the lead. - Understanding how to manage challenging behaviours. - Giving your puppy the time and space they need to safely explore their environment. - Understanding the risks of over-socialising your puppy. I've been hosting puppy socialisation walks for the best part of three years... and I'm excited to host my first one in the gorgeous Endcliffe Park, Sheffield. Details below: The training & social walk will take place on Sunday 11th August, 2024. 10.00a.m.-11.30 a.m. Our route will take us from Endcliffe Park to the Forge Dam Café (exact meeting location will be confirmed for attendees only) The social walk is suitable […]


Sheffield Puppy Swimming Lesson Party

AquaPaws Canine Hydrotherapy 13 - 17 Oak Street, Sheffield, United Kingdom

What's your puppy's swimming style? Furry fish flailing out of water? Hairy submarine? Or is your puppy so nervous of water that they will go out of their way to avoid stepping into puddles?! Whatever their style, or their confidence level, you are invited to join AquaPaws Canine Hydrotherapy centre, and myself, Meera Puppins for Sheffield's first ever Puppy Swimming Pool Party! This is a completely unique event co-hosted by Aqua Paws Canine Hydrotherapy Centre in Sheffield, and myself, Meera Puppins Sheffield Puppy Training specialist. This isn't just a pool party, it's an afternoon filled with fun activities, expert puppy training and incredible information into the wonderful world of swimming lessons for your puppy! The event will run from 2pm-4pm on Saturday 24th August, 2024. What should you expect? - Meet the expert and highly qualified team at Aqua Paws and learn more about the amazing services they offer for puppies, and for older dogs too! - You can also pick my specialist puppy training brain about any of your puppy's training or behaviour. - Enjoy some treats and surprises too! - Meet up and chat with other local puppy owners. You will be able to have a look around […]