Teenage Tearaways

private training to transform you and your teenage pooch from frustrated…to fun!

Are you wondering what’s happened to your practically perfect puppy?

Are you feeling fed up and frustrated because you’ve already put loads of effort into training your puppy, only to feel like it’s been a waste of time?

Are you feeling unsure of what to do next?

Honestly, you’re not alone.

All puppies go through a teenage phase, and it can be disheartening, upsetting and downright frustrating if you’re trying to deal with it on your own, without any professional help or support.

If you’re feeling like:

  • You’ve lost control of your teenage dog…
  • You’re being ignored when you ask your teenage pooch to do something…
  • You’re constantly dodging meeting other dogs, or dreading the daily dog walk…
  • You can no longer safely let your teenage pup off the lead, for fear they won’t come back…

then you need to book my Teenage Tearaways training service.

My Tearaway Teenager training package can help you to:

Understand what is happening to your teenage puppy

Understanding what is happening to your teenage dog is the first step to working through teenage troubles. I can help you to unpick their problem behaviours, and show you how to manage the tricky teenage stage.

Confidently move forwards

Feeling like you’re stuck in a rut? Tired at the thought of more training? Don’t lose hope, I can show you how to move forwards, and love life with your teenage dog again.

Successfully prevent unwanted behaviours

when it comes to refreshing your teenage dog’s training

Rebuild your relationship.

Teenage dogs can’t quite get away with the same behaviour as when they were 3 month old puppies (sorry, but you know it’s true!) which can cause upset and frustration in your relationship.

With my help, you can repair and rebuild your relationship with your tearaway teenager.

We can do all of this, without you:

· Worrying that you’re doing it all wrong, and second guessing yourself

· Getting stuck in the sludge of “advice” from friends, family and the Internet

· Feeling frustrated that you’re trying everything, but nothing is working

· Wasting your precious time, by trying things that don’t help

At Meera Puppins, I’m here to help you, not to judge you.

For this reason, before you book, please bear in mind that changing your teenage pup’s problematic behaviours, and training them, will likely take time, hard work and commitment.

If you’re looking for a quick-fix, unfortunately my Teenage Tearaways training package may not be suited to your requirements.

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MeeraPuppins teenage dog training service

What’s Included in the Tearaway Teenager training package?

60-minute private consultation call
before we begin our training.
By discussing your priorities, and finding out more about you and your pooch, I can create a bespoke training program that easily and comfortably fits in with your busy family life, or any other commitments you may have.

Steps to Success
Your personalised training and behaviour plan. Your plan is specifically designed to be straightforward and effective. Your plan will not only help to keep you on track with your training aims, but also help you to get the most, and the best, out of our training session.

Face to face training session
(90 minutes). Let me guide you through the training techniques that will positively transform your teenage dog’s behaviour.
*Additional sessions (60 minutes) may be booked as required.

Follow Up Call
To discuss your progress, and resolve any questions or worries you may have.

Happy Teenage Dog Owners Say:


I was happy to provide the information requested from Meera (consultation form) as it made me feel that time was being taken to understand my dog. I was very pleased after our telephone discussion, as the way in which she explained things enabled us to consider ways of dealing with my dog’s anxiety and nervousness, rather than simply participating in a training class.

I would definitely recommend Meera Puppins. She puts the dogs and the owners first rather than trying to get you to pay to join one of her training classes.

She tries to get the best solution for you and your dog and is keen to know what progress is being made. This made me feel that we can achieve things by putting the right building blocks in place for my dog, and make it more personal.”

Maybelle the Springer Spaniel’s Mum

cropped Meera Puppins fav

Sounds great! How much is it? How do I book?


The Teenage Tearaways training package is £279.

When it comes to resolving your teenage tearaway’s problematic behaviours, it’s important that you feel confident and comfortable that I can help you to achieve this.

With that in mind, please begin your booking application by filling out my Teenage Tearaway consultation form.

Your consultation form helps me to understand how I can help you, and if this package is suitable for your teenage pooch.

Fill out the consultation form now by clicking here!

Happy Teenage Dog Owners Say:


After attending one of Meera’s puppy socialisation courses, we didn’t hesitate to seek Meera’s help when our angel puppy became a teenage tearaway!

We had a detailed initial consultation where Meera was reassuring and non-judgemental as she sought to establish exactly what was causing our teenage traumas.

This was followed with a fab in person session where Meera walked us through some targeted activities and provided lots of useful tips and reassurance.

We were delighted to see an immediate improvement, and this has continued as we follow the individual plan that Meera has created for us.

M Burton