Problem to Perfect Puppy

Expert behaviour solutions for your puppy problems

Meera Puppins

Get a puppy, they said.

It’ll be fun, they said.

Whoever they were, do you think they made a mistake?

Because if you’re here, looking for help, I’ll wager a guess that things aren’t
very fun right now?

My Problem to Perfect Puppy behaviour and training service can help you to resolve common puppy problems such as:

Your puppy’s painful biting

Perhaps you’re panicking that your puppy’s biting is not normal?

Are you worrying that it’s not just teething, but could actually be aggression?

Do you struggle to enjoy playtime with your puppy, without it hurting?

Can you really afford to risk waiting to see if your puppy will grow out of it?

Your puppy not listening to you

Has your puppy stopped listening to you when you say “no”? Or say anything, really!

Does shouting “NO!” only work for a few seconds before your puppy goes back to jumping on your furniture, digging up your garden, or chewing your carpet?

Have you tried training your puppy with treats, but it didn’t work, because they still don’t listen to you?

Do you feel like your puppy’s behaviour is spiralling out of your control and you’re rewarding bad habits?

Your puppy’s behaviour around other dogs

Does your puppy pull you to say hi to every single dog you see?

Do you dread bumping into other dogs on your walks because your puppy plonks themselves down, and refuses to move until they’ve greeted the other dog?

Are you afraid to let your puppy off lead because you’re convinced they’ll run off after another dog?

Or do you have the opposite problem – is your puppy is nervous around other dogs?

Does it only take the sight of another dog for your puppy to turn into a lead-pulling, barking banshee?

Either way, are your daily walks a nightmare, treats don’t work, and you have no idea what to do?

Happy Puppy Owners say:


“I would definitely recommend Meera Puppins. She puts the dogs and the owners first rather than trying to get you to pay to join one of her training classes.

She tries to get the best solution for you and your dog and is keen to know what progress is being made.

This made me feel that we can achieve things by putting the right building blocks in place for my dog, and make it more personal.”

Maybelle the Springer Spaniel’s Mum

Meera Puppins

Yes! That’s me! Tell me more!

Before we go any further, I’d like you to choose what to do next:

1) Let things carry on as they are, hoping that they will somehow get better on their own, even though you know they won’t.

If you don’t get help now, your puppy is going to continue learning bad habits, meaning it’s going to take a lot longer (and be more costly) to resolve these problems months down the line.

2) Get my help now. Stop struggling and start making progress, under my expert
support and guidance.

Learn why your puppy is behaving this way, and how
to make it stop – using positive training techniques only. Let me give you
the support, guidance and skills you need to transform your problematic puppy, into a practically perfect companion.

The Problem to Perfect Puppy package includes:

60-minute private consultation call

before we begin our training. By discussing your puppy training priorities, and finding out more about you and your puppy, I can create a bespoke training program that easily and comfortably fits in with your busy family life, or any other commitments you may have.

Steps to Success

Your personalised puppy training and behaviour plan. Your plan is specifically designed to be straightforward and effective. Your plan will not only help to keep you on track with your puppy training aims, but also help you to get the most, and the best, out of our training.

*Face to face support

(90 minutes). In our face to face meeting, I will show you how to safely and successfully implement the practical training techniques detailed in your Steps to Success report.

*It may be necessary to book a follow up package, for continued support, guidance and progress. This will be discussed with you individually.


Follow Up Call.

To discuss your progress, and address any questions or worries you may have.

Happy Puppy Owners say:


“I contacted Meera to help with my Cavapoo puppy. From the initial call, she was extremely helpful. Instead of trying to sell me a package of training sessions,

Meera listened to the issues I was having and recommended the number of training sessions, which saved me money.

After 2 sessions, I put in place some of the recommendations, and saw results with our puppy.”

Mac the Cavapoo’s Dad

cropped Meera Puppins fav

Sounds great! How much is it and how do I book?

Here’s how to get my help:

1) Start by filling in my confidential consultation form HERE. 

2) Get excited for your postman/lady to deliver your Meera Puppins information pack.

3) Check your emails (including junk/spam) and complete your booking online.

The investment for the Problem to Perfect Puppy service is £349.