Puppy Zero to Hero

Expert, done-with-you, puppy training for panicking puppy owners

Meera Puppins
“When we brought our new puppy home, we let him out in the garden for a wee, sat down with him in the lounge, stared worriedly at each other, and wondered what we were supposed to do next.”
– New Puppy Owners, Everywhere.

When you bring your new puppy home, it’s a really exciting time, and emotions are usually running high.

The beginning stage is most likely to be the time when:


You have loads of questions – but are getting just as many different answers!

Your brain stops functioning properly –you have been bewitched by how cute your puppy is (either that, or you’re exhausted, because pup keeps you up all night!)
You are struggling with your puppy’s toilet training.

Your puppy’s nipping and biting feels relentless and aggressive – you panic that it’s not normal.

You can’t wait to take your puppy for walks to tire them out, but have no idea how to prepare for puppy’s first walks.

Instead of struggling along on your own, my Puppy Zero to Hero service can help you to:

1. Master the puppy basics: from fast-tracking your puppy’s toilet training, to stopping the shark-like puppy biting.

2. Have a plan you can rely on for your puppy’s early training and socialisation – saving you hours of sifting through the minefield of advice that’s floating around online.

3. Enjoy having your puppy, with a lot less stress, panic, worry and confusion – because Meera Puppins is gently guiding you through puppyhood, at your own pace.

As Sheffield’s Number 1 Puppy Trainer, I can help you to live in harmony with your puppy, through my 3-week Puppy Zero to Hero training service.

Happy Puppy Owners say:


“With Meera, within 2 weeks our pup was house trained.

He walks beautifully on his lead. Knows his own name, sits, lies down, everything you want a puppy to do. Now he’s just our bundle of joy. The training is 100% worth doing as I’ve had multiple dogs growing up but not seen any of the techniques that we were shown before, and they’re all non-aggressive, just very simple easy ways to learn.

Our puppy picked them up extremely quickly. You, as the owner, have to take the advice on board and put it into practice.

Meera herself is a lovely person, she answered all of our questions with a solution. Meera is a genuine dog lover, and the dogs themselves adore her, and she shows them so much love and affection when meeting them.

Definitely recommend!”

Jet’s Dad

With my expert help, you can:

Confidently and safely raise and train the puppy you dreamed of for so long.

Understand why your puppy behaves like a gremlin, and how to positively meet their ever-changing needs.

Learn the secrets to safely socialising your puppy - even before they've had their vaccinations (please do not try this at home, on your own!)

Avoid making the same mistakes as the majority of well intentioned (yet clueless) puppy owners, as you are being guided by an expert.

You can do all of this without:

Worrying that you’re doing it all wrong and second guessing yourself

Getting stuck in the sludge of “advice” from friends, family and the Internet

Feeling frustrated that you’re trying everything, but nothing is working

Meera Puppins
Happy Puppy Owners say:


“I wanted to ensure our Wheaten Terrier puppy Betty had the best socialisation experience from day one and Meera has been absolutely amazing helping us with this.

Betty adores Meera!

I would recommend Meera, even if you’re an experienced dog owner. Betty is our third dog, but I still find Meera’s help and advice invaluable, I honestly don’t know what I would do without her”

cropped Meera Puppins fav

Sounds great! How much is it?

The investment for the Puppy Zero to Hero Package is £549

This includes:

– 60-minute private consultation call before we begin our training. By discussing your puppy training priorities, and finding out more about you and your puppy, I can create a bespoke training program that easily and comfortably fits in with your busy family life, or any other commitments you may have.

– Steps to Success. Your personalised puppy training and behaviour plan. Your plan is specifically designed to be straightforward and effective. Your plan will not only help to keep you on track with your puppy training aims, but also help you to get the most, and the best, out of our training sessions.

– Weekly check-in call. Whilst the training is very much for your puppy, I’m here to cheer you on, support you, reassure you and guide you.

Our weekly check-in calls are the perfect way to ensure you’re making progress
with your puppy – and feeling great about it!

– 3 in-person training sessions (1 session per week, each session is 1hr).

In-person training sessions are a great way for you to practice your new training skills in real-life – whether at your home, or in your local area, and I’ll be right by your side – so there’s no need to be worried about getting anything wrong!

– Ongoing help and support, even after we’ve finished our training. Choose from 4 weeks, 6 weeks or 8 weeks (additional booking costs apply).

I highly recommend Meera for puppy training, her knowledge and the advice given
has been invaluable.

Our 5 month old Romanian rescue was a nervous wreck when she arrived, growling when she had a valuable item and extremely reactive to other dogs.

I can honestly say she’s like a different dog now and we have the tools to continue the training.

Also, Meera is absolutely lovely and so easy to
get on with and talk through difficulties without judgement, she’s very supportive and clearly wants the best for the dog and their human.

Thank you Meera Puppins!

Lisa, mum to Rommie Rescue puppy, Luna

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