Practically Perfect Puppy & Other Lies

The book that will transform your life,
and your relationship, with your puppy

Practically Perfect Puppy Other Lies Book
Congratulations on getting your puppy!

But let me ask you something…

How are you feeling now that your puppy is home?

Are you feeling overwhelmed, stressed out or confused?

Do you find yourself saying things like “I love my puppy, but it drives me mad when…”

Are you fed up of being bombarded with puppy training “advice”?

Do you wish you felt more confident, relaxed and happier about life with your puppy?

Well, you’re in the right place! because
Practically Perfect Puppy & Other Lies will:.

Hold your stressed-out, panicked puppy-owner hand, and gently guide you towards a happier, less stressful relationship with your puppy, under the magical, expert guidance of Meera Puppins.
Help you to navigate the reality of life with your puppy – it’s time to take those rose-tinted glasses off!

Talk to you about the things that no one else is.

From Lie Number One: Happily Ever After, to Lie Number Four – Your Puppy Will Grow Out Of It, you will finally learn the truth about puppy parenting, and emerge a much more confident, happier, relaxed puppy owner.

P.S. Just so we’re clear, this is not a technical puppy training book.

It’s not stuffed with boring instructions on how to train your puppy. 

Practically Perfect Puppy Front Cover

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“This is the book to dispel many of the urban myths about puppy ownership.

With an emphasis on puppy behaviour, and the importance of creating a bond between puppy and owner.

Having booked Meera to help with our puppy’s socialisation, her approach really does make your puppy practically perfect.”

Gemma & Steve, parents to Betty the Wheaten Terrier puppy


Puppy parenting in a language everyone can understand!

This book by Meera Puppins should be the first port of call for anyone thinking of getting a puppy (or adopting a rescue puppy).

To prepare yourself for what lies ahead, before you are bewitched by those puppy dog eyes, and before you bring your little bundle of joy home.”

Tig-Tay George, mum to Mus

Buy now, and your book will be posted out via second class.

For international orders (outside of the UK) please email me to with your address and postcode.

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“This book is the real deal: the good, the bad, and the terribly ugly about puppy ownership and adoption.

It gently removes the rose-tinted glasses and shows you what you’re in for — which is a good thing, because the end result is happier dogs, happier owners, and fewer pets in rescue centres.

If you’re thinking of a puppy, read this first.”

Vicky Quinn Fraser, currently dog-less but one day, who knows.

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