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Luxury, private, puppy training and puppy socialisation service

Meera Puppins

Are you a first time puppy owner who is feeling scared, worried or panicked by the arrival of your new puppy?

Are you feeling pressured into pretending that everything is fine, because your puppy is really cute, and everyone thinks they’re amazing, but behind closed doors, you are:

  • Frantically looking for help, but end up feeling confused by the masses of conflicting advice of what everyone else thinks you should be doing with your puppy?
  • Fed up of trying different training techniques on your own, with no guidance or support, so you end up feeling like you’ve regressed, rather than progressed?

Maybe no one has told you this yet, but you don’t need to read more books, ask the Internet more questions, or rely on the advice your friends gave you.

As an accredited puppy training specialist, here’s why my stressed-out, panicking, puppy clients choose my Practically Perfect Puppy service:

They (and hopefully, soon, so will you!) are now in touch with a puppy training specialist.

Someone who knows exactly what’s going on, who can answer your questions, explain why your puppy is behaving like that, and how to positively train them to do more of what you like, and less of what you don’t.

Almost immediately there is a massive sense of relief – Meera Puppins help is at hand!

All of your pup's training and socialisation takes places where your puppy problems are happening

– at your home, and in your local area.

This is a huge benefit if you’re a busy, stressed-out puppy owner, as you don’t need to worry about travelling across Sheffield with your puppy!

You learn much more than just training techniques.

Relationship building, what to do if…, what happens when…, what about other dogs… how do you cope with… it’s all covered in my Practically Perfect Puppy service, and it’s all created especially for you, and what you need me to help you with.
Meera Puppins

What will I & my puppy learn?

That depends on your individual goals and aims, which you can share with me in your consultation form.

Through working with lots and lots of now happy and proud puppy owners, here’s what we usually cover:

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Week 1: Healthy Puppy

Pick my brains on a recommended diet, chews and toys for your puppy
– No sleepless nights: training puppy to sleep through the night
– No accidents: turbo charged toilet training – it’s easy peasy, when I show you how!
– Answers to your puppy training and socialisation questions

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Week 2: Settled Puppy

– Mouthy puppy: how to survive your puppy’s teething/biting
– Settled puppy: teaching puppy to relax and settle
– MeeraPuppins magic: life-saving puppy cues (forget about sit – so boring!)
– Four on the floor training: teaching puppy not to jump up

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Week 3: Playful puppy

How to train your puppy through play – yes, you can!
– Preparing your puppy to play with other puppies/dogs
– Preparing your puppy for their first walk – from what to wear, to where to go
– Puppy socialisation support – you don’t want to get this wrong!
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Week 4: Social Puppy

– Magical socialisation walk – without your pup’s paws touching the ground
– Socialisation checklist – why we shouldn’t be focusing just on meeting other dogs
– How to help your puppy if they are worried, or scared, on their walks
– How to use rewards to create positive training and learning experiences
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Week 5: Active Puppy

– Training adventure – letting puppy explore their new world
– Smiling lead, happy puppy owner: teaching puppy to walk nicely on a lead
– Reliable recall: how to encourage puppy to come back to you
– How to add easy enrichment to your puppy’s walks, and why it matters

At MeeraPuppins, we follow my signature relationship first training system

This means I can teach you why the relationship you have with your puppy is key to training them for the real-world.

With my help, you will also learn how to positively train, safely socialise and confidently raise a practically perfectly puppy without:

Worrying that you’re doing it all wrong and second guessing yourself

Getting stuck in the sludge of “advice” from friends, family and the Internet

Feeling frustrated that you’re trying everything, but nothing is working

Wasting precious socialisation & training time until your puppy’s 2nd/3rd vaccinations

Happy Puppy Owners say:


I contacted Meera to help with my new Cavapoo puppy. From the initial call, she was extremely helpful.

After 2 visits I put in place some of the recommendations and saw results with our puppy.

We booked on to a puppy socialisation walk after the sessions and we’ll be booking in again. It’s a nice way to introduce your puppy to a range of dogs and you can even get follow-up advice or ask new questions.

I would recommend Meera to anyone who is looking for help with their dogs.

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Sounds great! How much is it?

The investment for the Practically Perfect Puppy package is £895.

This includes:

– 60-minute private consultation call before we begin our training. By discussing your puppy training priorities, and finding out more about you and your puppy, I can create a bespoke training program that easily and comfortably fits in with your busy family life, or any other commitments you may have.

– Steps to Success. Your personalised puppy training and behaviour plan. Your plan is specifically designed to be straightforward and effective.

Your plan will not only help to keep you on track with your puppy training aims, but also help you to get the most, and the best, out of our training sessions.

– Weekly check-in call. Whilst the training is very much for your puppy, I’m here to cheer you on, support you, reassure you and guide you.

Our weekly check-in calls are the perfect way to ensure you’re making progress with your puppy – and feeling great about it!

– 5 weeks in-person training sessions (1 session per week, each session is 1 hour).

In-person training sessions are a great way for you to practice your new training skills in real-life – whether at your home, or in your local area, and I’ll be right by your side – so there’s no need to be worried about getting anything wrong!

– Ongoing help and support, even after we’ve finished our training. Choose from 4 weeks, 6 weeks or 8 weeks (additional booking costs apply)

“We contacted Meera prior to our puppy coming home and booked the Practically Perfect Puppy package.

Meera has been absolutely amazing and we couldn’t have done it without her! Our puppy absolutely adores her too.

Would definitely recommend her!”

Ruth & Tom – parents to Springador puppy, Juno

How do I book?

Fill out my Puppy Consultation Form now

I will be in touch with you once I’ve received your form – please check your
junk/spam emails so you don’t miss any important messages from me.