About Meera


you might have guessed already, but my name’s Meera.
You can call me MeeraPuppins if you want to be formal, or shake my hand as I ask you step into my office (still one of my favourite jokes – don’t judge me, I don’t get out much).

MeeraPuppins Dog Walking on a mountain

I spend most of my time nerding out over dog stuff, as you’d expect. I also devour a lot of fiction books, so much so that the lenses in my glasses are thicker than a McDonalds milkshake on a cold day.

I’m a proud member of Preston Beer Girls (ladies, check it out, and no, you don’t have to like beer to join!) and PBG Book Club.

I like to de-stress by watching Sarah Millican clips, sometimes she makes me laugh so hard that I let out an ugly little snort. My boyfriend thinks it’s cute, but then again he is dating me, and I sometimes come home with little smears of puppy wee on my clothes (excitement wees are real, and in my world, they are a compliment).

That’s me on the left of the photo, with the love of my life (yes, I’m talking about Theo, my dog).

You can find me…

Out and about

You can usually find me covered in dog hair, prowling around the confectionery aisles of well-known supermarkets, buying myself treats I’ve convinced myself I absolutely deserve.

Or I’m the one on the floor at parties, hanging out with the resident dog.

That’s a lie actually. I only said that to impress you.

I actually wake up early at weekends to go hiking in the countryside and then I like to cosy up in local pubs and stuff my face with fish and chips.


If I’m not doing that, then I’m busy volunteering at Makants Greyhound Rescue.

Did I tell you that I love greyhounds?

Speaking Spanish

I speak fluent Spanish, which I am very proud of because it took me nearly 2 years to learn how to conjugate a verb en español, and then I (the worst student in the class!) actually ended up teaching Spanish!. Pilar – if you’re reading this, your patience paid off! I lived in Madrid for nearly 5 years, which was fun. Buy me a cerveza and I’ll tell you all about it.

Working as a veterinary receptionist

I’ve worked as a veterinary receptionist for 3 lovely vet practices, in London, Penwortham and Preston. I’ve also worked as an Animal Care Assistant for an emergency-only veterinary practice.

I didn’t faint during any of my shifts, some of which were absolutely gross, which makes me believe I would cope really well in an end-of-the-world-zombie-apocalypse.

Being a sighthound Mum

In a former life, I was dog mum to Gosseta and Theo, both rescue sighthounds.

I loved both of them more than I loved having a job that paid the bills. True story – in 2019 I had a messy break up with a lucrative 8-year career that just wasn’t treating me the way I wanted anymore.

I decided I deserved better than settling for a 9-5 job, working as a Spanish translator in the financial services industries (Madrid and London). So I ditched my incredibly boring day job for Gosseta, and I left 3 veterinary care jobs for Theo (and I was really good at my jobs!)

Bet you weren’t expecting that, were you?

Neither were my parents when I rocked up on their doorstep in Penwortham, Summer of 2020, aged 33, with a pocket full of MeeraPuppins dreams and Theo in tow (did you just try and work out my age? I’ll forgive you if you buy me a birthday cake on October 19th.)

Beautiful Theo

Unfortunately, after nearly 2 years together, Theo and I parted ways.

I can’t talk too much about it here, which makes me sound like I’m hiding something – I’m not, I just can’t condense our epic story into a couple of paragraphs.

However, you can read more about my beautiful Theo HERE

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