Adventure Days Doggy Daycare

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Have you got a big date booked in your diary, but can’t take your dog with you?

Or are you desperate for a day out, without worrying about getting home to your pooch?

Does your pup struggle with separation anxiety and are you finding it hard to cope?

As a busy family, are you looking for someone to look after your pup, so you can entertain the kids?

Then welcome to MeeraPuppins Puppy Nanny services, an exclusive service available to MeeraPuppins Members.

Apart from being fully insured, qualified and canine first aid trained, I’m already really excited at the thought of spending an exciting day out and about with your pupper!

At MeeraPuppins, you’ll already know that I believe that relationships come first, which is why my Puppy Nanny services are available to my Members at a special loyalty rate.

You are a MeeraPuppins member if:

You are subscribed to my Puppy Club

You have booked one of my Private Puppy Training Packages.

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Adventure Days Doggy Daycare: what’s included?

Pick up & drop off from your home

½ day Adventure: 10am-2pm

Full day Adventure: 10am-5pm

Pupdates (photos & videos)

Mucky pup clean up (rinse & towel dry, if necessary)

What happens when MeeraPuppins comes to play?

I pick your pup up from your home

We go on a fun trip, tailored to suit their age, personality and behaviour needs.

The exact details of our trip will be confirmed with you privately.

During our Adventure Day I’ll be packing in as many opportunities for socialisation, and enrichment as I possibly can.

Often we’ll have a cake & coffee stop at a dog friendly café along the way – this includes treats and water for your pup too of course!

If we’re going on a particularly big adventure, I might even prepare a packed lunch for your pup, just like I did for Lenny as part of our Tolkien Trail adventure hike!

After our Adventure Day, I drop your pup back off home for a good old snooze – trust me, they’ll definitely need it!

MeeraPuppins doggy daycare Penwortham Longton New Longton Hutton Leyland Preston
Happy Puppy Owners say:


“Meera is absolutely fantastic – we can safely say she is everything we could have asked for! Attentive, conscientious and consistently goes the extra mile!

She visibly loves our Dachshund, Lenny, and he absolutely adores Meera – he is SO happy as soon as he sees her walk up the drive!”


How much does it cost?

Members Rates:

½ day Adventure for 1 pup: 10am-2pm: £39
2nd pup from the same household: £24.50

Full day Adventure for 1 pup: 10am-5pm: £59
2nd pup from the same household: £29.50


½ day Adventure for 1 pup: 10am-2pm: £78
2nd pup from the same household: £39

Full day Adventure for 1 pup: 10am-5pm: £118
2nd pup from the same household: £59

For enquiries outside of these hours, a quote will be sent to you.
25% surcharges apply for evenings and bank holidays.

*extras such as dog-ice cream/ café treats etc. are not included in the above costs and will be invoiced separately, with proof of purchase via receipt. You do have the choice to opt-out of any extras.

How do I book?
Ping me your enquiry using the super simple contact form at the bottom of this page
Bookings are confirmed on a first come, first serve basis
How do I pay?

Via bank transfer, an invoice & e-receipt will be emailed to you

Why is it more expensive than daycare centres?
It’s difficult to put a price on peace of mind, but that’s what I’m offering.

I am providing a 1-2-1 service, prioritising the quality of your dog’s care, over the quantity of pups under my care. As you can see, I would only take on a maximum of 2 pups from the same household, provided that they get on well with each other.

By offering a professional, yet personalised, 1-2-1 Adventure Day service, this means your pup wouldn’t be spending hours with dogs that they don’t know.

Hopefully this will also help you to relax and enjoy your day out, without worrying about your pup!

How do I become a Member?

That depends on what your pup needs!

Is it 1-2-1 training? You can book HERE

Perhaps it’s socialisation? You can enquire HERE

Or maybe you’re interested in the best of both, through my Puppy Club HERE

Is there any paperwork to sign?
Yes, I will ask you to fill out an online booking form, and to sign a written agreement, including a veterinary release form.

All paperwork must be completed a minimum of 72 hours before your booking (72 hours doesn’t include weekends though)

How far in advance can I book?
My honest recommendation would be to send your enquiry as far in advance as possible, because bookings are accepted on a first come-first come basis to keep things fair.

Doggy Daycare in:

Penwortham, Longton, New Longton, Hutton, Walmer Bridge & Preston

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doggy daycare Penwortham Longton New Longton Hutton Leyland Preston
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