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Puppy training classes for the real world

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Congratulations on bringing your new puppy home!

How are things going?

Puppies are cute, but not easy!

Are you panicking that your puppy’s painful biting is aggressive, rather than playful?

Getting annoyed when you shout “no!” and your puppy completely ignores you?

Hoping your puppy will grow out of their naughty habits, but worried that they won’t?

If you’re scared about the impact your puppy is having on your life, or stressing that you might have made a mistake, trust me – you’re not alone in feeling this way.

As Longley’s No.1 Puppy Trainer, I’m here to help you, not to judge you.

“Since booking Meera’s puppy classes, my puppy is a lot calmer, and doesn’t jump up as much. The classes have been absolutely amazing,

Meera couldn’t help enough. I am 100% more confident with Gretchen!”

Danielle, Gretchen’s mum

“My puppy is way more chill around other dogs now!

No yapping or barking. She also played nicely in class. She sits and settles on her magic mat as soon as it’s down!”

Sam, Wendy’s mum

By signing up to Meera Puppins small-group puppy training classes, you can:

Positively train your puppy in a fun, safe and structured environment, under my expert guidance.

Learn Meera Puppins magical puppy training tips and tricks to gently transform your relationship with your puppy.

Understand why your puppy isn’t making the progress you want them to at home – even if you’ve read the books, and Googled loads of puppy questions!

Enjoy life with your puppy, instead of stressing or worrying that you’re not training or socialising them correctly.

Local Penwortham Puppy Classes with Meera Puppins

Sounds great! Tell me more!

Start date: Tuesday 16th January, 2024

Venue: Shirecliffe Community Centre, S5 8XL

Puppy Class Rules

The first rule of puppy class is not that we don’t talk about puppy class (that is actually the second rule).

Rule 1: Maximum 4 puppies per class, and maximum 2 adults per puppy (no children under the age of 16).

Rule 2: These classes are suitable for puppies aged up to 6 months old. For puppies aged over 6 months old, please contact me for 1:1 training.

Rule 3: My classes are filled with fun puppy training exercises, as well as treats, games and toys. There is no place for any punitive training techniques.

Rule 4: You will be encouraged to try everything you learn at home, and there will be a weekly check-in between each class, so you can share your puppy class success stories!

Committing to 6-week puppy classes can be a bit of a daunting thought, especially when you’re a busy puppy owner.

I’d love to have a chat with you before you book, to answer any questions you may have about my puppy classes.

Please book your complimentary 20 minute Puppy Class call today!

“Since completing Meera’s puppy classes, Penny is sociable in cafés and her recall is also better.

The classes are fun, and I would recommend Meera Puppins to other puppy owners!”

Angela, Penny’s mum

Local puppy class Penwortham Longton New Longton Hutton Walmer Bridge Preston
Meera Puppins local puppy expert with fun classes
Professional puppy classes

Puppy Class Curriculum

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Week 1 (for puppy parents only!)

MeeraPuppins tried & tested no mess, zero-stress training for puppy parents.

Learn how to fast-track your puppy’s toilet training in no time at all.

Discover how to effectively manage your puppy’s painful biting, so your kids, friends and family aren’t getting nipped by your bitey puppy.

Get some sleep with my sleep-tight (almost) all-night puppy training.

Week 1 is for puppy parents only.

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Week 2 : Puppy Jumping Up & Settling

Learn how to safely and quickly stop your puppy from constantly jumping up and scratching your legs, or scaring your kids with their wild behaviours.

Learn how to teach your puppy to keep all four paws firmly on the floor – and not in your face!

You’ll also learn how to find your puppy’s off switch (yes, even if you have a Spaniel) and teach your puppy the cues of sit, lie down and settle.

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Week 3 : Worry Free Walks

Don’t want to be embarrassed by your puppy’s behaviour in public?

In Week 3 you will learn how to transform your puppy’s walks from irritating to stress-free and enjoyable.

You will learn how to positively encourage your puppy to stop biting or pulling on their lead, dragging you along like a steam train, and pulling to go and say hello to every dog or person they see.

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Week 4 : Puppy Socialisation (no, not a playdate!) & Reliable Recall

A well-socialised puppy is not the friendliest one in the park!

In Week 4 you will discover how to safely socialise your puppy and train them to be a fun companion – not an annoying sidekick.

In the second half of this class we will start building up a reliable puppy recall, which is really important for safely enjoying off-lead adventures in Sheffield and beyond!

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Week 5 : Who's a Clever (and tired) Puppy?

In the first half of this class, we will pick up your puppy’s recall training, and teach them that coming back when you call them, is their favourite thing in the world! (unless their fave hobby is actually pinching cheese from the fridge).

In the second half of this class, we’ll look at why it’s a mistake to think that more exercise = tired puppy.

In reality, more exercise = puppy that becomes the Mo Farah of the dog world, and unless there’s an ice-cream van ahead of you, why would you want to run that fast?

Instead, we’ll focus on training and tiring out a different part of your puppy’s body – their  brain!

I know, it sounds great doesn’t it?!

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Week 6 : Did somebody say Pawty?!

Puppy play & socialisation party for puppy class graduates.

Put your party clothes on, and get your camera ready, it’s your Puppy’s Graduation party!

In Week 6 we will celebrate all of your puppy’s achievements through games and competitions to measure their learning and keep track of their amazing progress.

We’ll also talk about what happens next, and prepare you for your puppy’s Teenage Tearaway training!

Talk to Meera and book your space today!

Group of puppy owners at Meeras local puppy class in Penwortham
Happy Puppy Owners say:


“I chose Meera’s puppy classes because she has great reviews, and her classes are small. Since I started practising the training skills, my puppy is calmer and much more responsive to oral commands.

We also understand each other! I loved the relaxed aspect of the classes and also the off-lead elements in class.”

– Denise – Rogan’s mum

Meera Puppins – your puppy classes sound great! How do I book?

Proud puppy owner passing puppy class
Booking is easy peasy in 3 simple steps:

Booking fee is £197 per puppy.

If you’re not sure whether my small-group classes are suitable for your puppy, let’s talk about it!

I’m happy to offer you a complimentary 15-minute Puppy Class call, which you can book now by clicking here: BOOK A FREE CALL

If you’re ready to book, please follow steps 1-3 below.

Step 1: Click here to fill out your puppy class application form

Step 2: If your application is accepted, I will email you an invoice, payable within 48 hours, so please check your junk/spam folder.

Step 3: Once you have paid for your booking, you can start getting excited! Oh and you’ll also receive a welcome pack in the post – so make sure I have your full postal address!

Please note, class bookings are not refundable under any circumstances.

“Meera’s classes have been a valuable learning experience for both Beau, & us, as first time puppy parents.

Outside of class, Meera has been on hand to answer questions & assist when help has been needed. I would recommend Meera’s puppy classes for anyone with a new puppy!

Emily & Rob, parents to Cockapoo puppy Beau