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More than just a dog walk

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Are you wondering why you would need help with socialising your puppy when you can just enrol them into doggy daycare, or take them to your local park?

Surely socialisation is as easy as setting up a few puppy playdates?

Why on earth would you sign up to my puppy socialisation services when you can just do it yourself?

I personally like Chad Mackin’s answer to your questions: “Understand, a poorly socialised, but a friendly dog can easily start a fight he’s not looking or prepared for. If I ran up to every stranger I met and tried to hug them, sooner or later someone would punch me in the face.”

Socialisation has somehow become synonymous with “letting your puppy meet and play with every single dog they see”.

It’s a bit like buying your pup a one-way ticket to Doggy Disneyland.

Which, to be honest, may seem like a lot of fun, but even Disneyland has rules, right?

To add to that, Proper Puppy Socialisation is basically divided into 2, arguably 3, important phases:

The first important bit of socialisation happens when your pup is born, and they learn how to be a puppy in a dog’s world.

The second important bit of socialisation happens when you bring your puppy home, they now have to learn how to be a puppy in a human world.

The third important bit of socialisation is when you realise that your pup doesn’t need to be friends with every dog they see. But they could do with a puppy friend or two, because we all need friends.

This is the bit I can help you with.

Proper Puppy Socialisation Services

What’s included and how does it work?

Price: £22

Socialisation adventures are available Monday-Thursday, by application and booking only.

Each socialisation adventure is 60-75 minutes.

I will expertly match your puppy to a friend in my MeeraPuppins pack for paired adventures, in 4 easy peasy steps:

1 - Relationship first.

It’s so important for your peace of mind, and for mine, that your puppy has a happy and positive relationship with myself and other members of my puppy pack. This is why enrolment to join my pack is by application and assessment only.

2 - Proper Puppy Socialisation.

Socialisation is cognitive, environmental, sensory and physical.

Your puppy will enjoy stimulating outlets for natural behaviours, such as play, and explore a range of different environments – indoors and outdoors!

3 - Adventure.

Not just exercise.

When your puppy joins my pack, they are free to explore their capabilities.

Think Barkour and sniffaris – not boring games of fetch in the local park.

4 - Enrichment.

It’s just as important to exercise your puppy’s brain, and not to focus only on physical exercise.

This is why I like to get to know your pup first, so I can learn what makes them tick, and how to channel some of their puppy brain power into fun games.

P.S. Pupdates are included as part of the service. For each adventure, I’ll send you some cute photos and videos of your puppy having fun, so you can relax knowing your pup is in good hands.

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Proper Puppy Socialisation Training Service
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Proper Puppy Socialisation Penwortham Longton New Longton Hutton Leyland Preston Lancashire
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Great experience with Meera.

After struggling to enroll my puppy into puppy classes I found Meera who helps any puppy regardless of age and with personalised one to one sessions – much better value than puppy classes in my opinion and great advice/techniques which are helping already.

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